Wakefield Founder's Club

Nov 14 at 3:12pm -


This is a historical time in the town of Wakefield and in our Club. There will only be one chance to join the Founder's Club of the first Boys & Girls Club in Wakefield and that chance is now. Be a part of the effort to provide a positive place for the kids in our town by making a contribution today.

To join the Founder's Club you can choose to make a one-time gift of $201.20 or an ongoing monthly gift of $20.12 (for a minimum  of 10 months). Founding Members receive one small bronze leaf to engrave with two lines on our Wakefield Club Giving Tree as well as a Founder's Club Certificate.

Make a contribution as a gift to somebody special or to honor someone:

Donate in memory of a loved one or to honor a graduate, dedicated teacher, civic worker, Boys & Girls Club alumni, resident, birth of a child or grandchild, birthday, wedding, anniversary, new home, or retirement. An acknowledgment of your gift will be sent as instructed by you.