Change is good.

Nov 09 at 12:50pm -


Collect your loose change for a good cause! Contact us at the following address to learn how you can pick up a jar:

 If you have already picked up your container and have been collecting change, bring whatever you have down to the locations to have it counted and donated complete with tax-deductible receipt.  

Do you have a jar full or half-full of loose change that you want to donate? 

Bring it down to The Savings Bank in Wakefield where they will count it for you and give your donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Stoneham Wakefield Club. 

We are always looking for glass jars (pickle, jam, sauce, mason jars as well as growlers and glass milk jugs are all good examples) to recycle and reuse as collection jars.  Please rinse them out and bring them down to the front desk of the Stoneham Club at 15 Dale Court, Stoneham, MA, call 781-438-6770 and we can arrange to pick them up, or drop them off to us at any of the events listed above.