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Sep 24 at 2:28pm - colleengetty

The Making of the Wakefield Club

In September 2011, the efforts of a group of Wakefield citizens paid off when the Boys & Girls Club of Stoneham’s Board of Directors voted to establish a satellite club in Wakefield.

That all-important, and ultimately unanimous, vote followed a year-long series of meetings between the Stoneham Club and the Wakefield group. During that time, the members of the Wakefield group met with residents, school representatives, police, and public officials to get a better understanding of specific needs of our children. The structure of a Boys & Girls Club matched up seamlessly with what they were hearing from the community. It should have been no surprise to also learn that 80 children from Wakefield were already members of The Boys & Girls Club of Stoneham.

So, what exactly is the Boys & Girls Club of America? It is a 150 year old, national movement with nearly 4,000 locations around the world, serving 4.1 million boys and girls. Its main goal is to provide a safe place for kids while offering a wide array of educational opportunities, activities, and services supervised by professionals. We are committed to extensive programming focusing primarily on Social Recreation, Education/Technology, and Healthy Habits within a welcoming atmosphere.

If you would like to contribute to this effort by sharing your talents, making a monetary gift, or in other ways please contact us: